Art Auction – July 2021

Words: Amy on August 2, 2021

Art Auction – July 2021

Good morning! Coming to you the morning after the night before “You know them ones”..

We had this event planned for a few months via one of our Charity partners Swift. It was their intention to do an online only event from the city ground, however when I found out that we might be coming out of lockdown I made an executive decision to turn it into a live event. I felt this would generate more interest and excitement, due to past events held at this location (HERE). We were unsure if many would turn up because of people’s fear of the dreaded CV-19, but they did turn out and it was a fab night… So let’s get into the thank yous.
Firstly Team HBH mainly the guys on the project listening to me barking orders for the last month about the art, whilst maintaining and supporting the project. Thanks Christine Titcomb, Zoradi Tucker , Janet one of our trusted volunteers, Tania Thompson, Steve , Clive and Nick and the lads on-site. Thanks to Harry for stepping at the last minute to set up the online bidding. Thank you to all the new trustees for your contribution on the night (Wayne and Tom). Thank you to all of the volunteers that supported us last night.
To all the street artists who supported the event this time and all the other auctions a Massive Thank you.. The money will go toward converting another unit which will help someone homeless in Bristol get back into a community and get their life on track.. Last but not least my mate Syd Lawrence .. THANK YOU. Great auctioneer , great job shaking out every penny from those who attended.. can’t wait for the next one!!!
[HERE] Bath Road, Bristol.
I would like to say a massive thank you to the management team of [HERE] for allowing HBH to hold our 4th annual charity art auction at their fantastic venue. Thank you Phil and your wonderful staff for your support on the night. We look forward to your continued support.
Kind Regards
Jasper and Team HBH

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