Building A Way Out Of Homelessness

Words: Amy on August 23, 2017

You might have seen us on BBC News recently

We were part of their BBC Stories series that aims to reveal and tell stories about the world we live in. The piece focused on Paul who is part of the team that has been working to convert shipping containers into homes for the homeless, in Bristol.

Paul was homeless for 17 years and six months ago he was living in a tent. Then he met ‘Help Bristol’s Homeless’ Founder Jasper Thompson who had a mission to change the face of homelessness in Bristol by giving the homeless community what they wanted. This was not money or food but a helping hand in the right direction. Talking to the BBC Jasper said: “I asked them what they wanted and they told me they want a roof over their head…we weren’t helping by giving them socks and sandwiches, that just keeps people in the same position”, so fast forward a few months and that’s exactly what we’re doing, building them somewhere they can call home until a service user can help find permanent accommodation for them.

Paul went onto explain how this has finally given him the opportunity he was in desperate need of:

For the first time in 17 years I’ve actually achieved what I set out to do…it makes you feel good inside and makes you look forward to tomorrow.

This is just one of many success stories that we are so proud to have supported through the work that we are doing in Bristol and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you as we build more and more homes for those without one.

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