How your donation has made a difference!

Words: Zoradi Tucker on September 22, 2018

Your kind donation of £10,000 has helped to convert a container into a high spec micro flat for the homeless.

Once we purchased the container, the first job was to sandblast it to enable us to paint the outside. The inside was then insulated with spray foam technique.

We then set about sorting the floor out and then we were ready to start the conversion. Holes were cut out of the metal walls for windows and doors to be installed.

Once this was complete we started the first fit of the interior with battens and timber frames to both clad the walls and ceiling, as well as create the layout inside for a bedroom, a bathroom and the living area. The electrics and the plumbing works were done at this stage. An under sink water heater was installed in the kitchen. A heat source system provided by Mitsubishi was installed by Gregor heating.

Once complete we were ready to start creating the self-contained home. We installed white goods along with the kitchen units and an adequate shower unit. We then commenced the tiling and laying the laminate flooring. All of this work required specialist skilled tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers. We have lots of involvement from volunteers and local firms. Many organisations came along to site to give their time to the project. Joinery work, painting and decorating was the next stage.

Finally, it was time to dress the container. A considerable amount of thought and care went into the furnishings – they are of high quality and practical and look inviting and homely.  Finally, with the electrics finished and any issues completed we kitted out the micro flat with essentials for the resident such as kettle, toaster, television, bedding, towels, cutlery and crockery, cushions and pictures and blinds. The micro flat is now complete. Outside of the containers are large wooden plant pots ready for planting.

This completes the micro flat.

Total Costings:

Container – £1500

Transport of container to site – £300

Sandblasting – £350

Exterior paint – £200

Foam insulation – £1000

Batten and timbers – £300

First/second fit electrician – £600

First/second fit plumbing – £600

Interior Cladding – £200

Windows and doors – £1000

Bathroom fixtures and fittings – £200

Kitchen fixtures and fittings – £400

Plumbing, pipework and heating – £2000

Laminate flooring – £180

Painting and decorating – £350

Soft furnishings/decor – £120

Labour – £700

Total – £10,000


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