Olly ran for us

Words: Amy on February 19, 2018

My name is Oliver jones and i live in  Headey Park Bristol.

After entering a race last year I got asked if I was doing it for a charity. This made me think why not?

After a long think I decided I would do it for a local charity but just didn’t know what one. I was speaking to my Barbour and mate Matt, owner of level crooks in Bedminster and he told me about Help Bristol’s Homeless who he and his business is also a supporter of. He told me about the charity and how it’s helped ex forces get off the streets, being in the forces myself and having friends that have had troubles before with homelessness in the past I decided to run the race and raise money for Help Bristol’s Homeless.

The race was a 14 mile trail run through the forest of Dean consisting of 14 gruelling hill climbs and a few underground water tunnels. I have to admit I under estimated the race but never the less i finished it and raised £330!

Doing this has boosted my confidence and motivated me to take on new challenges and would now recommend to anyone  fundraising for any cause that relates to them or believe in!

Thanks to all those who donated and showed there support and a big thanks to Help Bristol’s Homeless for doing what you guys do.

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