Our Subcity Podcast by Grace Ogunyemi

Words: Amy on December 18, 2018

Our Subcity is a fortnightly; original, Podcast that focuses on homelessness in the UK.

Produced and hosted by Grace Ogunyemi. Grace has worked in the charity sector supporting the homeless for nearly a decade.

We asked Grace why she has created the Our Subcity podcast, and she told us that there is a lot of misconceptions surrounding homelessness in the UK. She said, “homelessness is a complex issue, and with this podcast, I aim to help simplify it.”

homelessness is a complex issue, and with this podcast, I aim to help simplify it

Grace’s goal is to provide accurate information into the causes of homelessness, and each episode focuses on a different topic and includes discussions with those who are trying to tackle the evident housing crisis in the UK.

With series one now complete, Grace hopes to secure funding for her second series next year.
Grace plans to include more interviews in 2019 and would like to see the interest in the podcast grow.

We admire the work Grace is doing, and we understand how difficult it can be to gain support. Grace is working hard to create quality content, and with that, we invite you to check out the Our Subcity podcast on Acast. We’ll include the link below.

You can also join the discussion on the Our Subcity Pod Facebook page.

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