Spring Street Fundraising Campaign Update

Words: Amy on January 22, 2019

Help us raise £50,000 to develop the Spring Street site


As most of you know, HBH needs to move from our current location on Malago Road by April this year. If we are unable to raise the necessary funds to complete the groundwork on the Spring Street site, our project will be in serious jeopardy.

Originally our target figure was £100,000, however, due to increasing support from companies like Ecotricity, Burgess Salmon, OVO, Origin3, to name but a few. We are now in the position to drop our target figure to £50,000.

Our crowdfunding page is at £18,000, that is 35% of our new target

Our current total on our crowdfunding page is at £18,000, that is 35% of our new target.
We are appealing to our followers to donate £15 to our crowdfunding campaign so that we can continue to help bristols homeless on the Spring Street site.

If you have donated already we appreciate your support but, kindly ask that you share our JustGiving crowdfunding page with your friends and family.
With our April deadline drawing ever closer it’s crucial that we push this campaign forward.

We have come so far, and with your donation, you can help us secure the future of HBH and enable us to improve countless lives.

Together we can do this. Together we can make a difference.


Visit our Justgiving page and donate now.

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