Volunteer with Help Bristol’s Homeless

Help Bristol’s Homeless is a very  dynamic organisation.  It has been, and still is, very reliant on amazing volunteers.  These generous people have been vital in helping us to grow to how we are today, and in such a short period of time.

So, going forward …
Please see below for our current (as of June 2022) needs for volunteers.



We generally have a real need for skilled tradespeople (electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc), in particular those who can self-certify their work.  The work would vary from minor maintenance to helping with the conversion of new micro-flats.



We anticipate that we will have limited need for a few practically minded volunteers to help with container conversions.  This would either be at Spring Street or another site close to Bristol. This activity is really suited to skilled tradespeople (perhaps retired) or competent home DIY folk.



Periodically we need people to do various practical things – e.g. painting/decorating, minor maintenance tasks (home DIY type jobs), sorting out donated items.



This is still a fairly new facility at Spring Street, to further support the well-being of our residents. The services we offer will evolve over time, depending on people’s needs and availability of suitable volunteers.

We already offer, or plan to offer:

Hair cuts

An area for training activities (e.g. first aid, life skills, financial management..)

Yoga, Pilates, meditation classes etc

Massage therapy

Help with form-filling and job applications (e.g. on a PC).

If you have skills that could support this, then please get in touch.



The big thing that we always need is money!  This is to help fund the day-to-day running costs, and (hopefully) to enable us to expand so that we can help more people.

If you are able to get involved with existing fundraising activities, or perhaps could suggest new ones then please let us know. This could include anything from asking local businesses for raffle prizes, or running a fund-raising event or applying for grant funding.



Currently we have need of some help with our Social Media Platforms and will be needing some help moving forward with our newsletter.



Currently we have no need for any further volunteers for this activity.



Currently we have no need for any further volunteers for this activity.



Large companies often have a ‘corporate social responsibility’ scheme. These schemes allow employees to volunteer for one or more days a year, during working hours.

HBH has found these really useful, for things like painting containers, fences, building plant containers etc.  They have also been very interesting, enjoyable and rewarding for the volunteers.

Due to the nature of these activities, they are best done in the warmer, sunnier times of the year.

If companies have a budget to help provide materials, then that would be fantastic.

If you’ve seen something interesting and want to discuss opportunities with us, then please get in touch by e-mail at volunteer@helpbristolshomeless.org.
Volunteering activities generally need to take place during weekdays in office hours, though there is potentially some flexibility.
We recognize that some people would like to have a regular volunteering day. However, we’re a small charity and probably aren’t able to accommodate that. Instead, it’s really useful for us to have a pool of volunteers to call upon as and when there’s work to be done.
We do aim to reply to all offers of help, but sometimes we miss things. If you have contacted us, but are still waiting for a reply, then please do give us a nudge.
Thank you for your support. Together we can make a difference!