The Bristol Soup Run Trust

16 Sep 2022

The Bristol Soup Run Trust are an outreach service operating every night of the year in the centre of Bristol, supporting those who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

They provide basic food, drinks and other essential supplies, as well as a friendly face and a willing ear and will help whoever turns up, whatever the reason may be and are not there to judge.

We have recently had the pleasure of meeting the team behind the Bristol Soup Run Trust through a visit to our project. They were all amazed by what we have achieved with the support of the Bristol community and have lots of great ideas of how we can work together to improve the lives of the street homeless in Bristol.

We are happy to announce that moving forward, the team will be working closely with us by using our kitchen facilities, with support from our chef, to prepare food for their outreach service.

This collaboration is the spirit of HBH because, as you all know, we believe that Together we can make a difference.

We’re very excited to be able to support the mission of Help Bristol’s Homeless and look forward to working together.

For more information about the Bristol Soup Run Trust, like what they do and exactly where and when you can find them, check out their website: 

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