The CEO Big Sleep Out

19 Dec 2022

This November we took part in Bristol’s Big CEO sleepout held at Clifton Rugby Club. The Big CEO sleepout is designed to unite in the fight against homelessness.

This event not only raises awareness of the UK wide homeless but also creates a much needed space for business leaders to reflect and understand what they have the power to change moving forward.

Our CEO Jasper took part in the Sleepout on behalf of Help Bristol’s Homeless and we couldn’t be more proud.

Our sleeping bags were wet in the morning with the cold and the fog coming in. Some people felt vulnerable, even though they knew where they were, so it was a good experience for everybody

He, along with many others, braved the bitter cold, damp and dew on their night outside. Even one night without a bed in these cold winter temperatures is a challenge, hence why many local CEOs chose to do this as a fundraising event.

Imagine if this was your only choice? Unfortunately, especially with the ongoing cost of living crisis, this is reality for an ever increasing number of those who live around us in our communities.

These shocking statistics show why, now more than ever, events to raise awareness and money to help are so important:

  • Over 260,000 people in England are homeless and in temporary accommodation
  • Over 61% of adults in England living in temporary accommodation are women
  • Single parents make up 72% of all homeless families living in temporary accommodation, but only 24% of families
  • 1 in 23 black households become homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, compared to 1 in 83 households from all other ethnicities
  • 24% of young homeless people in the UK are LGBT+
  • More than half (55%) of people who make a homeless application are aged between 16 and 34 Source: Shelter, AKT, MHCLG

The night was a great success, with a lot of coverage from local and national press. This was awesome to increase the impact of the event and raise the awareness even further.

Overall, the Big CEO sleepout events across multiple cities, with more than 5000 executives taking part have raised £3,000,000, donating to over 100 charities, changing countless lives.

To date, this one event in Bristol alone raised £33,377! Help Bristol Homeless will receive half of the total amount raised which will be invaluable in supporting our work here at HBH HQ as we continue to work with our community to tackle the ever important challenge we face here in Bristol.

Our very own Jasper raised an incredible £6,500 and counting. Which is so amazing.

There is also more time for you to donate should you wish. Head on over to Jaspers Just Giving page

A word from Jasper on his experience and why it’s so important…

“HBH is here to provide support and move-on accommodation housing and temporary solutions and opportunities for those who are homeless here in Bristol. We provide a home where people can feel safe and have their own front door keys. Without our help and support, we would have lots more people sleeping rough and not be able to get back into Society. We offer a wide range of support from well-being to Therapy financial advice help with moving on, rent, and much more, And by doing so, we are investing in people. We convert more than just containers; we have built a small thriving Community with homes. We help to build relationships with the homeless within our city and build relationships with our communities, which then change people’s lives and people start to look at the homeless in a different light. We are absolutely committed to our social purpose, in every part of our organization. And we always seek to do better. Thank you all for your support and kind donations.

It goes without saying that this event couldn’t have happened were it not for the vast amount of volunteers and helpers who made the event go without a hitch.

Huge thanks to our hosts Clifton Rugby, to Dough dough pizza for providing nourishment and to the amazing rapid relief team Uk for the much-needed hot breakfast.

Of course we will be taking part in this again next year, and our aim is to make it bigger and better than ever, with more people involved and raising even more awareness.

If this post has inspired you and you would like to take part or support us next year take a look here or get in touch directly with us at

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