New Jersey

22 Apr 2022

Well done and thank you to the council of New Jersey to the staff who helped make this village a reality . They have given hope to people who thought they had none. About 2 year ago just before the start of the pandemic, I was invited over to speak about how we developed our units back in the UK , I jumped on a flight gave a presentation of our set up and 12 month later phase 1 of 3 was done by the housing team supported by the city mayor who I met at the along with many others.They made me feel very welcomed but most of all they then made the whole thing happened. I feel very proud to be part of this set up and the next phase where they will be housing 50 more people from off the street , this is amazing. I was 8 years old when I came to the UK and achieved lots in my life , but this is by far my biggest achievement saving peoples lives. I feel I’m truly blessed and so happy to help my fellow human… Have a blessed day whatever you are doing.

Kind Regards and love

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